Tormach Certifications

The EB Tormach Certification Courses prepare students to understand and operate Tormach PCNC Milling Machines and Slant-Pro Lathes by mirroring the instructional courses offered by Tormach and extending beyond them to give our students an intensive understanding of these machines. The Tormach certification process also helps to create fundamental understanding of CNC processes which aid in more advanced CNC courses. Tormach proficiency is split into two courses, Mill Proficiency and Lathe Proficiency.

Tormach PCNC Mill Proficiency

Tormach is known for making affordable entry level CNC machines accessible to a wide range of consumers, which is why the University of EB is happy to offer a course familiarizing students with these machines. The Tormach PCNC Mill Proficiency course will teach stundets operation of Tormach's control software PathPilot, offsets,  tool libraries, and machine settings. While not a substitute for real-life machine time, this course will give you a jump start running Tormach machines.

The Tormach Lathe Proficiency Course offered by UEB is geared towards generating a fundamental understanding of CNC Lathe operation principles with topics ranging from tool setting, to feeds and speeds as well as more complex operations such as bar feeding and gang tooling operations, giving the student an excellent point to learn from when it comes to CNC Lathes and how they are used.

Tormach Slant-PRO Lathe Proficiency