Online University of Educated Business Receives Record Enrollment

8/3/2019 • 8:33 AM

   Cambridge, MA—The Educated Business Admissions Department released a report last night detailing the enrollment records for this year’s 2019 Academic Year. There were several record-breaking statistics included. Chief among them was the total enrollment of undergraduate students when compared to previous years. According to the head of the department, Dr. Handong Wang, annual enrollment has increased by well over fifty percent when compared to that of last year. For a more complete report on enrollment statistics, visit the Educated Business admissions page. While some departments struggle to deal with the increased load of students, experts seem to agree that this can only be good news for the future of the university. Regardless of what it means for the university’s prospects in the future, the news is still baffling to some. Dr. Wang thinks he can explain. In a recent interview, reporters demanded to know how he generated this kind of popularity. His predictably cryptic response was, “I can get a better education being home schooled by a refrigerator than at an Alabama public school.”

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