Educated Business Students Lend Helping Hand to Small Town California Robotics Team

9/20/2019 • 12:33 PM

   Los Gatos, CA—In the quaint little town of Los Gatos, California, a group of local high school students are gearing up for this year’s robotics competition. This competition, managed by a “nonprofit” organization known as FIRST, is their chance to distinguish themselves as up-and-coming roboticists. For the past few years, team Iron Claw has been doing their best to claw themselves up through the ranks. Unfortunately, despite the excellent management of their fearless leader (or perhaps because of it), Rodrick Copellio, they have yet to make it into the big leagues. However this year, the team has an edge. As part of its Making A Real Upgrade initiative, several senior members of the Educated Business faculty and student body are doing their part to assist this small town high school team. Members of Iron Claw are reported to be ecstatic at this news, especially since one of the Educated Business students providing assistance is an alumni of the team. With the assistance of Educated Business, Iron Claw’s future looks bright.

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