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The Online University of Educated Business was founded with one simple goal in mind, to provide quality technical education in a distance learning format. Now this was no simple goal, one of the most challenging limiting factors distance education institutions is a lack of hands on experience being provided. To address this historic issue, we undertook several ambitious programs to aid our students in expanding their skill sets. The first was to put a large emphasis on CAD software training, where hands on experience could be gained on a home computer with the aid of personalized instruction. The second was to launch our hybrid internship initiative, which sought to partner us with machine shops and other manufacturing facilities in proximity to our students, allowing a combination of on-the-job, hands on, training with the formal online instruction of the UEB. The goal was to ease the sometimes considerable burden of training new employees in manufacturing industries while simultaneously providing our students with the hands on experience to complete their training. While this program is still in its infancy, early results show vastly improved learning for our students as well as employers excited by the prospects of this program continuing. And at its heart this is what the UEB seeks to accomplish, bring distance education into the 21st century through innovative solutions to age old challenges.

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